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    Which air-conditioner should you choose for your family this summer?

    WEDnesday - 05/04/2017 22:52 - Viewed: 3597
    Air-conditioners were invested by Mr. Willis Haviland Carrier (1876 – 1950) – An American engineer in 1902. Recently, it is no longer a dificult task in choosing an air-conditioner for your family, installed in Vietnamese family. However, many people are still hesitant about what types of air-conditioner they should choose while there are many air-conditioners diversity in types, models and many features to use.

    First of all,we should analyze the pros and the cons of air conditioners (the machine can use both summer and winter). For conventional air conditioners designed; when the room’s temperature reaches at the required level, through the sensor, the machine automatically adjusts the compressor motor to stop working, then when the temperature changes, the machine will restart. Technically, the actual cooling capacity of conventional air conditioners only uses energy at one level.It means that the cooling energy is in one of two states: condensation - emission. Specifically; when the capacity was set to 60%, the air-conditioner will emit within 60% of the time and stop for the rest of the time.

    The power supply interruption that would make the power supply is interrupted.
    This has created the phenomenon of wasted electricity. And this is also considered as the limitations of almost air conditioners at the present.
    Inverter technology is to use electronic power technique to produce an electrical circuit that can adjust electrical parameters such as voltage, current intensity and frequency (f Hz) of the machine.
    This technology is known as an inverter circuit, which associates with a sensor to provide signals to the microprocessor (a form of controlled-computer) that adjusts the operating capacity of air-conditioner according to room’s temperature at the most suitable level, at least power consumption.
    As a result, inverter air-conditioners have a potential that there no have in conventional air-conditioners, which is the ability to change the operating capacity resulting in continuous operation, but the amount of consumed power is so low.
    According to the calculations of the manufacturers, the inverter technology helps the air-conditioners reduce 40% to 60% of electricity consumption,compared to the old air conditioners.
    Inverter air-conditioners save energy maximally by providing a steady emission level even when choosing Medium level or Low level.
    Another technology is popular in most inverter air- conditioners is "Intelligent Eye" sensor - which helps air-conditioneroperate efficiently without waste of energy. So how does the "Intelligen Eye" work: an infrared sensor, it has capable of detecting the movement of people in the room. When there is no movement, this sensor will send a controled signal to the computer, the computer will automatically adjust the temperature in the room by increasing or decreasing by 2 ° C and that will save 20% of the power for cooling mode and 30% for mode of heating operation. When you return to the room, the sensor will return initial setting of temperature. This is an advantage to help you avoid wasting electricity when you forget to turn off the air -conditioner.
    As a result, inverter air conditioners save energy and increase productivity.
    According to the calculations, when using this machine an average of 8 hours / day, the monthly electricity savings are from 140,000 ÷ 160,000 VND with an engine has a capacity of 12000BTU
    The inverter technology in the air conditioners helps not only save power but also reduce the noise at lowest level, compared to old generation. An air-conditioner with inverter technology only has noise levels of 19 decibels, which is lower than the noise in libraries (31 decibels). This feature will really help for sleepers.
    Some remarkable features intergrated in the inverter air -conditionershanging wall:
    Comfort Control
    Indoor unit quiet operation
    This mode reduces the noise level of the indoor unit to 2-3 dB compared to thequiet mode of operation. Start by remote control.
    Outdoor unit quiet operation - The operating mode is mellow with the outdoor unit
    The outdoor unit noise is reduced by 3-5 dB compared to the nominal operating noise.Being controlled by remote control.
    Intelligent eye - Intelligent eye mode:
    This mode uses an infrared sensor to automatically control the operation of the air conditioner by moving of people in the room. When there are no people, the machine automatically adjusts the difference of 2 ° C compared to temperature set up, which saves up to 20% in cooling and 30% in heating.
    Program dry function - Programmable drying function:
    This function automatically reduces the humidity in the room while maintaining the room’s temperature set up previously.
    Auto fan speed - Auto fan speed
    The processor automatically adjusts the fan speed to change the room’s temperature into the temperature set up.
    Here come the answer for the question which air-conditioner should you choose choose for the family this summer I would like give it for yourself. I hope you will choose the most suitable air- conditioner and operate economically and comfortably.

    Source: NVT