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    Energy Label: Benefits for people, benefits for business

    SATurday - 28/03/2015 08:29 - Viewed: 2352
    As one of the first businesses to voluntarily participate in energy labeling roadmap of Vietnam, JSC Daikin Air Conditioning (Vietnam) conducted energy labeling for their products prior to the time required . Reporter from website tietkiemnangluong.com.vn had discussions with Mr. Shinji Miyata - General Manager of Daikin Air Conditioning Corporation (Vietnam) about the achieved benefits when joining this program .

    Mr. Shinji Miyata - General Manager  of Daikin Air Conditioning Corporation (Vietnam)

    Before the obligatory day (July 1st 2014), the energy labeling for  air conditioning products in Vietnam market was not of much interest to businesses. At that time, the Ministry of Industry and Trade encouraged businesses to voluntarily label their products and Daikin is one of the first businesses to participate. Could you share the cause of this?

    As a manufacturer specializing in air conditioning products, Daikin  company has always actively cooperated with the State authorities in the energy labeling program to save energy not only in Japan but also in many countries around the world, including Vietnam. In our business philosophy, Daikin Group has also clearly mentioned criteria such as: "Contributing to society by the world-class technology", "Pioneers in the field of the environmental protection". Therefore, Daikin Vietnam has actively participated in activities contributing to the society and environment.

    In Vietnam, the air-conditioning market is growing rapidly every year. In order to serve users, besides enhancing air conditioning features in order to provide more comforts for customers, Daikin is also constantly researching energy-saving features and being in cooperation with state agencies to minimize the power consumption, especially in the context of the need to use air-conditioners on the rise nowadays.

    The participation of  Daikin in the field of energy labeling has given your company so many benefits. Can you tell more  about this statement?

    In the trend of constantly rising electricity prices today, consumers tend to choose products which are good at saving electricity to reduce power bills. Therefore, by taking energy-saving label very soon, the advantage of Daikin is a simple and convenient way for consumers to recognize the energy-saving products that they choose, which helps consumers easily select the right air conditioning products to meet their requirements. Consumers actively choose products that save energy and help to increase values for Daikin sales.

    The energy-saving and environmental-friendly products often have higher costs in comparison with others. So in Vietnam conditions, which solutions does Daikin have to make customers accept your prices?

    To bring maximum benefits for users, in parallel with the introduction of new generation refrigerant R32 in order to minimize the impact on the environment, as well as enhanced energy savings by Inverter technology, we always try our best to diversify products, enabling our customers to have more opportunities to choose. The air conditioning products of Daikin on the market are very diverse in types and prices. In the future, we are working to provide products dedicated to Vietnam market to provide customers with better choices.

    Do you have any advice to consumers for choosing to use products labeled energy-saving?

    Energy-saving labeling program has created easier way to quickly identify power-saving and energy-saving features between products. Initially, compared to the non-power-saving products labeled energy-saving products are of a higher price. But in the long-term, the product with a high power-saving features help consumers to save money and bring huge economic benefits. The initial investment will gradually make up and consumers will benefit much more from the great economic power savings.

    In addition, the choice to use the energy-saving products that means to help protect environment for future generations. So I hope consumers consider energy-saving products when choosing electrical appliances.

    To expand the market in Vietnam, what is the policy of Daikin in the development of energy-saving and environmenta-friendly products?

    We will strengthen to make energy-saving products dedicated to Vietnam market, in accordance with climatic conditions, characteristics of buildings,  homes and usage habits of Vietnam.

    In terms of technology, we will equip the most advanced technology, with high power-saving features, use inverter technology and refrigerant R32 with lower greenhouse gas emissions index to minimize the bad impacts on the environment. We are also working to develop products capable of re-use and saving power, as well as focus on research and developments of alternative refrigerants having the ability to further reduce environmental impacts.

    Thank you!

    Quang Minh

    Source: tietkiemnangluong.com.vn