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The 40th anniversary of National Union in Quang Tri Province

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    Mr. Nguyen Quan Chinh, Vice Chairman, People's Committee of Quang Tri Province came to visit the site of LED installation. 


    EVNNPC to Save 656.7 Million kWh in 2015

    FRIday - 06/03/2015 22:59 - Viewed: 1821
    Right at the beginning of the year, the Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC) started to enhance the practical measures to achieve the savings target of 1.5% of commercial electricity, equivalent to 656.7 million kWh.

    Accordingly, the Corporation requires its affiliated units to organize mass communication programs for power saving, with release of brochures and leaflets about the power-saving solutions. At the same time, it promotes the consultation workshops on power-saving solutions for the enterprises;  supports the business in energy audits, provides power-saving advice, promotes the use of power-saving equipment, constructs and replicates the models in the efficient and economical use of power.


    In 2015, EVNNPC will implement various specific programs on power savings, such as: "Responding to the Earth Hour campaign"; launching the movements to save power (power-saving family, power-saving neighborhood, power-saving school ...). The Corporation continues to innovate the power-saving communication programs to make them more attractive, more efficient in order to exert the positive impact on people's awareness about power-saving and power use with efficiency; simultaneously aiming to bring businesses closer to the people.

    To achieve the energy efficiency optimization, EVNNPC changed the technological production line from outdated to newly updated energy-saving technologies.

    In addition, the Corporation requires its affiliated units to take initiatives in information provision to the mass media; to coordinate with and to facilitate the media access to the actual situation, so that the power-saving programs could be widely propagated in the localities.

    To accomplish its planned objectives, in 2015 EVN NPC will continue to improve the power saving programs for people to access the power-saving solution as quickly as possible, to bring about the best, the most efficient use of power for them.

    By Do Trong Tan

    Source: tietkiemnangluong.com.vn