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The 40th anniversary of National Union in Quang Tri Province

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    Mr. Nguyen Quan Chinh, Vice Chairman, People's Committee of Quang Tri Province came to visit the site of LED installation. 


    Dong Thap Piloted with LED

    WEDnesday - 07/10/2015 22:40 - Viewed: 2060

    Previously, Dong Thap Industry Development Consultant Center replaced 33 light sets of 250W Sodium with 120W LED lights in Cao Lanh City. It is stated that when LED lights are put into use, approximately 55% of electric consumption will be saved.

    Potential for public lighting

    Dong Thap Province including 12 districts, towns, and cities has total length of public lighting routes of 392 km, 12,453 public light sets of different kinds, total installed capacity of 2,250 kW, power consumption of over 9.8 million kWh per year, it is estimated that an amount of about 16 billion is extracted from budget each year to pay for lighting. At the present, public lighting systems are installed on main roads; however, lighting system operation has not worked effectively due to overabundance and waste of light in some areas. Most of public lighting systems today have been developed without complying with lighting standards and have had high electric consumption. The power-saving solution adopted popularly at the present is switching of all non-essential lights; nevertheless, it does not ensure lighting techniques and road safety.  

    In addition to Cao Lanh City, some other units in the province also invested in LED lights. For instance, Sa Dec City invested 409 LED light sets (capacity of 60-120W) to provide light for 7 routes; Hong Ngu Town invested 147 LED light sets (capacity of 80-120W) to provide light for 9 routes. Over 50% of electricity is saved when LED lights are used in comparision with the use of Sodium lights and other light types.

    With the aforementioned level of power saving, the application of LED bulbs for public lighting is really essential. The current problem is to find the best technology and financial solution to investment in replacement of current lighting system with power-saving LED lights. For the purpose of giving advice on selection of suitable LED technology to public lighting system to state agencies, Dong Thap Industry Development Consultant Center coordinated with other production units to provide lights and held several workshops to introduce power-saving lighting technologies to lighting management agencies as well as design consultant units in the province. Additionally, the introduction to investors was implemented under ESCO form (spreading investment and gradually recovering savings). However, up to now, no projects have been implemented as investors and local agencies have not reached agreement on appropriate payment method. Hence, the power-saving solution of the province is only reduction of power by switching off lights alternatively or turning off some light rows. Althought this method is power-saving, it does not guarantee safety in terms of technical aspects and limits transportation due to low illuminance on road surface, leading to several dark areas; therefore, it will be dangerous for means of transportation during travelling on road.

    Great expectation

    Over the 10 past years of energy-saving activities in the province as well as support in consultancy of energy audit for some southern provinces, Dong Thap Industry Development Consultant Center has studied and evaluated that the application LED lighting technology development in Dong Thap has currently coped with several difficulties and barriers. Particularly, specific and efficient policies have not been established to stimulate development and implementation of LED lighting technology, impacting on the replacement of this new technology.

    Solution to power saving in public lighting in the province in the coming time is improvement or new investment in lighting by LED technology in order to guarantee traffic safety, public order and security, and improve the aesthetic aspect of streets at night. In addition, cost of maintenance of light systems will be reduced considerably, saving the local budget. More importantly, this technology contributes to cutting greenhouse gas emissions polluting the environment, higher quality of lighting, and improving livelihood of residents in the province. In terms of investment in public lighting by LED technology, selection of suitable capacity of light set and height of lamp post with high homogeneity, low illuminance to pavement and people’s houses will lower investment cost for budget. 


    Author: Ngoc Anh
    Source: tietkiemnangluong.com.vn