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Mr. Nguyen Quan Chinh, Vice Chairman, People's Committee of Quang Tri Province came to visit the site of LED installation.

THUrsday - 20/04/2017 10:38 - Viewed: 1952
On the afternoon of 29/3/2017, Mr. Nguyen Quan Chinh, Provincial Party Member, Vice Chairman of Quang Tri People's Committee led the delegation to inspect the progress of implementing the project of installing LED system for offshore fishing ships in Gio Linh District. 
This project funded by Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). A project to save energy and improve work efficiency with new specialized LED lighting equipment (COB) for offshore fishing ships sponsored by NEDO, helping Quang Tri fishermen to convert high pressure lamp into LEDs on offshore fishing vessels to reduce CO2 emissions, save about 70% of fuel, help fishermen reduce fishing costs, increase profits.
The project has selected for 39 offshore fishing ships with a capacity of 200CV or more in Vinh Linh, Gio Linh and Trieu Phong Districts. The total capital of the project is over USD 3.4 million, equivalent to VND 76.9 billion, of which the province's reciprocal capital is VND 1.34 billion; The ship owners contributed over 2.45 billion, the rest is funded by NEDO.
There are 6 offshore fishing ships in Cua Viet Town and Gio Viet Commune have been completed the installation of LED equipment. Mr. Nguyen Quan Chinh, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, congratulated the fishing vessel owners who were selected by the NEDO. He hoped that the project would be effective, supporting the fishermen to strive for economic benefits.
According to Mr. Chinh, during the project implementation in Quang Tri, technical staff of the Department of Science and Technology and some workers on the fishing vessels got the knowledge from the Japanese technical experts Technology transfer, training of installation and operation of equipment and techniques, this is an opportunity for Quang Tri to have a qualified human resource to ensure the replication of the model when the project is going to be finished.
The vice chairman of the provincial People's Committee, Mr. Chinh assigned the Department of Science and Technology to coordinate with the NEDO sponsor to promptly handle situations that may arise during the implementation process so that the project will ensure the progress in terms of time.